Monday, May 15, 2006

soap boxes and missed exits

Don't you hate it when you get trapped in small spaces with people who go on and on about some topic that you don't feel too passionate about but they seem intent on convincing you that said topic is the most important issue in the whole world?(i.e., people who discuss the evils of carbs over a dinner at Olive Garden)

True confessions here...I was that overzealous person to my sister this past weekend. We were in the closed quarters of my Montana mini-van coming home from Liberty U in Virginia (brother Ryan's graduation weekend). We were almost home and so, in my defense, I was experiencing some driver's fatigue, otherwise I would never behaved so obnoxiously, I'm sure. Kaley had been reading my copy of "Searching for God Knows What" by Don Miller since near Mechanicsburg, PA. Somehow we never actually started discussing the book until about New Milford. It's her fault, really, but she made a few harmless comments about the danger of relativism in his book and I never stopped replying until I had driven past not one, but both of the possible exits I could have taken to get home.

So I'm out of the closet now... my current soap box is the fine line between postmodern relativist thinking and the old-school, suffocating, GARBC, longskirt and short hair, anti-Catholic/Methodist/Lutheran/Pentecostal, pro-KJVONLY legalism I was exposed to during my growing up years.

Now I realize there is a big ditch on either side of these issues, but I can't help but believe that the church has a really, really, really (did I say really?) long way to go before we even get close to erring on the side of relativism, know what I'm sayin???

Unfortunately (especially for Kaley), I am more skilled at this point at climbing onto the soap box than I am in making any sense while I'm up there and for that, my sister has my continued apologies. However, as has been a major theme in my life, I have found a work of art that says exactly what I was trying to say while speeding past the Conklin/Kirkwood exit on Sunday.

I encourage you to check it out...and feel free to enjoy some pasta while watching! (it's my new friend Derek Webb on the play button on the video and turn up the volume so you don't miss a single lyric)

Gotta get back to Jack Bauer (go Aaron Pierce!)
Much love to you all,
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