Parenting Unrehearsed

Thanks to the intelligent and gracious feedback from so many kind people who joined in with the    Will You Be My Tribe? conversation, I'm ready to announce a new blog series.

 [drumroll please] 

— adj
(of a play, speech, etc) not having been practiced in advance

I might also add off-the-cuff, in no particular order, results may vary.  For six(ish) weeks I'll share here  -- off the top of my head -- a few practices we may have learned in our twenty-one years of parenting four children. 

Chapter 1:  Your Kids Were Supposed to Have Perfect Parents.

Chapter 2:  Your Kids Are Not Fragile

More to come....

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*Thank you to the lovely Lindsey from Lindsey Davern Photography for capturing the hilarious -- and unrehearsed -- family photo I'm using for this series.*
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