Sunday, April 17, 2016

Practice Resurrection: Act as signposts of hope

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Mural created by Syrian refugees and local Jordanian youth to promote harmony, Jordan

Signposts of hope

With Easter, God's new creation is launched upon a surprised world, pointing ahead to the renewal, the redemption, the rebirth of the entire creation.... every act of love, every deed done in Christ and by the Spirit, every work of true creativity -- doing justice, making peace, healing families, resisting temptation, seeking and winning true freedom -- is an earthly event in a long history of things that implement Jesus's own resurrection and anticipate the final new creation and act as signposts of hope.

N.T. Wright
Surprised by Hope


Today's Readings:  

  • Acts 9:36-43  • 
  • Psalm 23  • 
  • Revelation 7:9-17  • 
  • John 10:22-30

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