I am Tamara Murphy: born and raised in a cynical, smalltown Northeast, I still harbor a penchant for hope and big ideas. Now I live in the bright city of Austin, Texas with my audacious and often-homesick family: two daughters, two sons, one husband.

I believe in paradox and mystery more than tips and techniques. That it's possible to read too many Bible verses and not enough novels. Sing too many worship songs and not enough blues. Drink too much grape juice and not enough wine.

I've learned that my idealized expectations for the Presence of God in Grand Moments often blind me to the present God in the everyday. That we walk an earth crammed with heaven and that living a sacramental life means both: I take off my shoes on the holy ground AND enjoy the heck out of those juicy blackberries!

I believe my children and husband were intended to have a perfect mom and wife and that I was intended to have perfect children and husband and all of us are out of luck. At the same time we just might be the luckiest people in the world.

And I believe in the written word. I read and write words to make friends with the ancient, present and future.

I've been writing in this space since 2006, incubating words and ideas for future dream projects.  I'd be so honored for you to join the conversation.  Leave a comment or email me at tamarahillmurphyATgmailDOTcom.
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