Wednesday, March 07, 2007

what i want to hear Jesus say

beautiful comments on that last post, you guys. thanks.

i have thought and thought about my own answer to that question and don't really know what to say because everything will be new and different than anything i can imagine. i would love to hug him and hear his voice. i love the thought that i'll be able to express love without any feelings of self-conciousness or awkwardness. i remember when i was a little girl i loved to hug my uncles that lived far away because they always smelled of good cologne...this makes me wonder what Jesus' scent will be??

then i can't get away from the stories i've thought about -- both Elijah in the OT and the blind-man Bartameus in the NT (probably others, too) where God/Jesus asked THEM the question...basically, "What would you like me to do for you?" I can imagine Jesus asking me this. Not like a genie-in-a-lamp kind of thing, but a loving, gleeful question that is something like, "You've made it here. What do you want to do first??" And, for once in my life, I might be able to answer that question from the truest part of me -- instead of the classic female response, "I dunno..what do YOU want to do??"

And then again, maybe that's exactly what I'll ask!
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