Thursday, April 19, 2007


I realize I've been pretty verbose lately so today will be a short post. I just realized that I haven't told you about some pretty great stuff I've been watching, reading and listening to lately and thought I'd send along my recommendations for anyone interested....

Blood Diamond -- some pretty tough storylines (especially the child soldiers), but a deeply inspiring father/son storyline and beautiful cinematography

TV Show:
Planet Earth - Discovery Channel (gotta see it in HD!); I am not normally a nature TV lover, but every time I watch this show I start crying because I am just speechless at the diversity and originality and joyfulness and sensuality of our Creator. The camera work that covers the broadest landscape to the tiniest microscopic detail is astonishing. If you don't get the Discovery Channel you should buy the DVD set.

Glory Revealed - I think I've said enough about that lately.

Eat This Book by Eugene Peterson - written by the man who brought us the Message paraphrase; about the supremacy of the Word; i'm only part way through, but I have been inspired to absorb the Word into every pore -- to breathe it in and breathe it ou in my everyday life.
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