Saturday, May 05, 2007

Livingpalm's Blog

I am lovingly, I'm sure, referred to in this blog as B -- LP's husband.

I have been very lax about keeping up with her blog even though she is the most important thing on earth to me. So, imagine my surprise when I looked it up tonight and found that her last post was about me and my speaking engagement at BU. (I join LP, by the way, THANK YOU for praying for me.)

I do not share the same passion for blogging as many of you do, but I do have a passion for Livingpalm and her life. Many of you have gotten to know her more personally through these postings, and I suspect you are beginning to realize, as I have always known, that LP is amazingly complex and wonderfully profound all at the same time. She is... well here is the reason that I do not blog on a regular basis... words fail me.

Let me explain. Yesterday I dropped her off at her hairdressers and then went on to run some errands. These errands were somewhat mindless, but I did have to mix in a couple of work- related stops as well. When I am alone in the car completing mundane tasks my mind often wanders to more stressful things -- finances, conflicts, and future plans.

When I returned to the hairdressers my wife looked more beautiful than when I dropped her off -- which I am sure is how it is supposed to work, but is hard for me to believe since she was unbelievably beautiful when I dropped her off. She turned in the chair to face me and she took my breath away. She was gorgeous!

And I said... "Do you think that you can keep your hair that way, Tam?"

Yeah, that was it... "Can you keep it that way?"

Therefore, I thought I would use one of the few times I have ever posted to a blog to go back in time and say exactly what I think of Livingpalm.

You are the most beautiful woman I know.
I know I am not the easiest guy to live with. Thank you for putting up with me. Because of you, I am where I am today.
I love your creativity, even though I do not always understand it.
I love the way you process things. You are far deeper in the way you approach life than I will ever be. It has made me a better man.
I appreciate your compassion for people.
I enjoy watching your mercy and personality demonstrated in our children. They are creative, real, and smart because of you. You are a great mom.
You are sexy.
You are confident.
You are a leader.
You are strong.
You are gentle.
You care deeply about your and my relationship with The Creator.

Here is what I learned yesterday. They say that life happens when you're making other plans. It's true, but I will be careful to acknowledge the wonderful things that God has placed in my life -- starting with my Livingpalm (and her blog).

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