Wednesday, December 05, 2007

movie recommendation

This post is short and sweet 'cuz I'm tuckered out, but wanted to highly recommend the movie "Amazing Grace" to y'all. I just got it from Netflix and admit that I was somewhat skeptical going in. I feel like Hollywood has been trying to jerk the "Christian consumer" around for cash (and why wouldn't they??) and didn't know if this movie would feel like so much sticky-sweet, Sunday School hype. And, while I'm not saying it's the best acted or directed movie ever made, the meat of the story is so excellent and timely and needing-to-be-told and it shone through.
I'm embarrassed to say I did not know the story of William Wilburforce. I found myself breaking down into those shoulder-shaking kind of sobs watching him persevere in his vision for the abolition of slavery. I also felt that the sub-story of John Newton's and the famous song for which the movie is titled was classy and compelling...a great model of 'repentance as a lifestyle.' To hear Newton say in his old age, "I know two things. I am a great sinner and Christ is a great Savior" was powerful. Also, I was just about wrecked by the way Newton persevered to write a confession of his life as a slave trader and his deep sorrow for the "20,000 ghosts" who lived with him. It seemed that he had a genuine understanding of the tension between his own depravity and God's amazing grace AND his response to that grace in obedience, repentance, ACTION.
Anyway, jus wanted to pass this along to any who have not yet seen the movie or may have been a little cynical like myself. I found myself humbled by Wilburforce's long-suffering perseverance (is that redundant?) toward the call God placed on his life. Gosh, I want to live like that too!!
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