Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hey everyone -- I'll warn you in advance that this is Brian, LivingPalm's husband. I am a contributor on this blog. "Contributor" is an overstatement. I have written a grand total of three posts in all the time LP has been writing. I'll tell you why. When I read LP's account of the Thursday morning worship service God put on for Himself (see Thursday Morning Service Order) , I'm a little intimidated. I can't write like her. In fact I have been trying all day to capture that day from my perspective, and the following is the best I can do.

Tam and I were on pace for a typical day of church-work. Please forgive me if you have an overly romantic view of church-work. It is a lot like any typical day in any workplace -- hours of boredom interrupted by an occasional fire to extinguish. The day started like so many before it -- a routine fight, bad news from an unexpected place, and a desperation to know -- really know -- that what God is asking my family to do with our lives makes any difference at all.

Living Palm has an annoying yet endearing rule that we will listen to her iPod on the way to work and mine on the return trip. She asked her usual, "Do you want the Bible?" (A reference to the Daily Audio Bible podcast) -- I responded with my usual smart-ass answer, "No! I don't like the Bible." On came the text about Noah and the end of the ark internment. Send out a bird, no land, no land, land, Rainbow -- "sounds cool", I thought, "wish God would give me some of that hope today...." -- Read Tam's blog (January 16th) to get the rest of the story.

Here is my point: It is amazing when God interrupts my day with just the right touch of beauty -- a rainbow. It whispers, "Shhhh, Be still, I am God, My plans for you are for good and not for destruction." Honestly, it is more amazing when I read my wife's blog two weeks later and hear the same message -- only louder. Now that's beautiful!

Keep writing, baby.
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