Friday, May 09, 2008

An Evangelical Manifesto

so, we are waiting, waiting, waiting to get into our new house. i confess i'm not doing this very well.

we don't have internet connection in our house right now, but i found i was able to "share" my neighbor's wireless connection (hope they don't mind!). i've been catching up on some of the blogs i read and stumbled on this extremely interesting happening described at Earl Barnett and Brett McCracken's sites. i encourage you strongly to click on the link for the Evangelical Manifesto and take the time to read the document. Earl's site includes a link to a PDF of a summary if you don't want to dive into the entire document. i believe this is going to be a very important reading for those of us in the Church to read and digest and discuss.

i've been spending these "no-tech, no-furniture" days reading a book i started about a year ago, "Church History in Plain Language" by Bruce Shelley. i am grieved at my severe lack of knowledge and understanding of the history of this community i have covenanted with- the Church. the book is long, but easy to understand (hence the title!). my appreciation for the human beings who gave their energies to defining the Church in each era (even though some seemed to get it way wrong -- i'm currently reading in the Middle Ages a slight error in church history, something called The Crusades...ugh!). With that as my backdrop this week, the Evangelical Manifesto appears to have a similar import for this era.

i'd love to hear your thoughts after reading the document.
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