Monday, December 14, 2009

advent #5

A few more Advent posts for your enjoyment:

Richard Fudge - Art in Church:  Every day a new calendar block is turned to reveal a new painting.  In the author's wordsOur artsy Advent Calendar which is on display in the Stirring Art Gallery. Each day is an original piece by featured artists Brittney Owens and Deeann Carson Rieves. It is a part of our current exhibit – Atonement."
You can find out more about the current exhibit in this post.

carrying ballast: I hope I get to meet this blogger in real life someday.  I feel like we are kindred spirits.  Each Sunday in Advent she is posting an original piece of artwork from someone in her church family and a poem that she loves.  (we are definately kindred spirits when it comes to poetry!)

Good, True and Beautiful:   I've mentioned Sharon before and she was also part of the Beautiful Christmas series I linked in the last post.  I'm including her here again because this post Expectation is just lovely - in both word and photograph.  It speaks profoundly to the spirit I hope to cultivate during this season.
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