Friday, January 27, 2012

7 quick takes! a photo diary

For some reason that I haven't determined, writing new posts on this blog has been slow and difficult the past couple weeks.  Not sure why other than my brain is plain old tired out.  And my life is full.  

Here's seven photos from our full life this past week....

--- 1 ---

This is a photo of tonight's dinner sponsored and prepared by our 20-year-old son, Andrew.  Yes, that's a ribeye (the best steak I've eaten in a very long time).  Also, a mozzarella/orzo/tomato salad and a sweet potato/carrot/turnip/almond/parmesan cheese veggie mixture.  Total delciousness!

Every time you hear me complain about Andrew eating up all my favorite breakfast granola, would you please remind me of this photo? K, thanks.

--- 2 ---

Yes, he managed to purchase a steak dinner for a family of six the same week he bought his first car.  It's good to be young and gainfully employed.  Of course, the car almost caught fire this morning so that's where the good part ends and the "welcome to the responsibilities of adulthood" begin.  We take great comfort in the fact that we've met more lawyers than we can count since moving to Austin and plan to remind the car salesman of this fact in case he tries anything tricky on us.  In the meantime, we're trying to find out if Texas has "lemon laws"?

--- 3 ---

We made some changes to the dining room when we put away our Christmas decorations.  It's amazing how much Scrabble playing happens around here by just setting out the board and letters on the dining room table.  By the way, this particular game was being played right in the middle of a weekday.  Just some photographic proof of this strangely wonderful "bonus season" I've been given.

--- 4 ---

Slowly, but surely, the kids' social calendars are beginning to fill up. They might be several years younger, but Alex had the best time hanging out with these guys all Sunday afternoon. Here they are commemorating his first bite of a P.Terry's all-natural burger.  

--- 5 ---

Brian preached his first sermon at Christ Church.  I was given a special sneak preview on Saturday afternoon.  You can see that Duchess is quite convicted (yes, she insisted at sitting by Brian's feet while he ran through the whole sermon).

If you'd like to hear for yourself, the sermon is posted online here.

--- 6 ---

This is Brian putting the finishing touches on his sermon.  I may get in serious trouble for sharing this photo.  As Brian's new favorite saying goes:  It's good to be Anglican.

--- 7 ---

It's also good to be Texan. At least in January.  Like the afternoon the girls and I walked around the Lady Bird Johnson Wildlife Center without needing coats or boots or scarves or gloves.  

We definitely could get used to this....

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