Friday, August 31, 2012

7 Quick Takes: musical bedrooms! my Dad's birthday, Yogi Berra, Ernie & Bert and more!

--- 1 ---
We spent Thursday night putting out of sight the last few things my sons left in the house so we could turn their "old" room into a lovely guest room.  Good friends coming to spend Labor Day weekend!  The problem now is that Brian and I haven't yet found the new bed we wanted for our room since we moved ours into the guest room.  Thankfully we found an air mattress to borrow until we find just the right thing on Craigslist.

--- 2 ---
The whole "musical chairs" thing from room to room always reminds me of a Sesame Street sketch I loved when I was little.  Ernie's logic made perfect sense to me. (and Bert's exasperation sounds a lot like Brian's)

--- 3 ---
Today my Dad turns 65.  And tomorrow his mother -- my grandmother -- will turn 85.  I really, really wish I could be there to celebrate with them. 

By the way, my grandmother started the "honeymoon baby" tradition which Brian and I honored faithfully.  My Dad was born nine months after his parents were married, I was born nine months after my parents were married, Andrew was born nine months after we were married.  Let that be a word of caution to my kids...

--- 4 ---
I tried hard to figure out a way to use this photo I found at Listverse for some sort of clever gift for my Dad.  In the end I picked out a Joe Cool Snoopy birthday card.  I love that I know he'll love that just as well.  I think moving across the country has turned me into a sentimental sap.

Yogi Berra hugs Don Larsen after Larsen pitches a perfect game for the Yankees,
1956 World Series (via Listverse)

--- 5 ---
Which reminds me: have I ever mentioned that when I was a kid I memorized and performed that wonderful baseball epic Casey at the Bat?  It was my mother's idea and a few other of my siblings followed suit.  It was a good idea; every once in a while we break into a few stanzas while we sit around watching our own kids.  (see what I mean about the sentimental sap thing?!?)

My personal favorite stanza -- mostly because I could really dig into the last phrase and had a fondness for the word combination "a-huggin' ".

But Flynn let drive a "single," to the wonderment of all.

And the much-despised Blakey "tore the cover off the ball."
And when the dust had lifted, and they saw what had occurred,
There was Blakey safe at second, and Flynn a-huggin' third.

Here's an audio version of the poem for you to listen (and maybe memorize?):

--- 6 ---
While writing this post I looked up at the post-it note to-do list Natalie made for me.    I should have included a photo for one of the Parenting Unrehearsed posts I've written here in the past two weeks.  

to do today: forgive

--- 7 ---
By the way, I completed every single one of those items on the list.  By the end of the day even.

Enjoy a beauty-filled weekend!


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