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What I'm Into Lately, August 2013

pumpkin chip cookies on the first day of school


From the book pile

24  Going on Faith: writing as a spiritual quest, edited and with an introduction by William Zinsser (Marlowe & Company, NY; 1999) 183 pages plus and extended bibliography) 

Coincidentally, I began reading this book during my autumn visit to my parent's home.  My mom let me borrow it but I never got around to actually reading it until August.  I didn't even make the connection between On Writing Well from July's book list and Zinsser as the editor of this compilation until I picked the book up again on vacation. 

While I found several of the contributing authors a bit "mushy" in their written spirituality, overall this was an encouraging book for those of us wishing to write from the perspective of our faith.  

25  Writing Places: the life journey of a writer and teacherby William Zinsser (Harper Perennial, 2010) 208 pages 

What can I say?  William Zinsser is the sort of author I want to read broadly.  This book turned out to be more memoir than instructional, but still enjoyable.

26  Septemberby Rosamunde Pilcher (St. Martin's Press; 1991) 613 pages 

Pure vacation reading and well worth it. (another book I borrowed from my mom -- thanks, Mom!)

27 Here and Now: living in the Spirit, by Henri Nouwen (Crossroad Publishing Company, 2006) 232 pages 

I've found it to be a good practice to return to Nouwen on a regular basis.  His insights into knowing the heart of Christ in our everyday lives are equally humble and profound.  I picked up this title as recommended companion reading for the spiritual practice of gratitude. 

This is a title I want to own; in the meantime, I'm really glad our library had a copy for me to borrow.

28 A Good Place to Live: America's last migration, by Terry Pindell (Owlet, 1997) 432 pages 

I loved this book.  Ever since reading Sidewalks in the Kingdom in July I've been checking out books the author cited.  I think our move to a city from a village not only as a family but also ministry leaders has piqued my interest in urban planning and design.  

In my dream life, I'd get to drive around the country like Terry Pindell spending a few weeks in each of America's favorite small cities, learning the culture, enjoying the natural beauties and amenities, interviewing the key figures and joining in the traditions and festivities.

Also, it was fun to read about Ithaca, New York in the book.  Ithaca is 45 minutes from our hometown and our favorite vacation spot in New York.   

This book is a bit dated (1997) and I'm hoping to discover an updated version.

In August, I enjoyed browsing through the following books:

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Movies & TV 

The Way, Way Back : I honestly can not remember the last time at cried in a movie theater.  Maybe it was something about the time of day or time of the month or time in my life, but I -- quite literally -- bawled my eyes out during The Way, Way Back.  Well written, well directed, well acted, well done.  Just enough grace mixed into the dysfunction to give us hope that family love can surpass family strife.  

Trouble the Water : We watched this a few years ago, but my daughter needed to watch it for a school project.  It was good to watch again -- to remember the stories of Katrina.  If you haven't seen this documentary yet, put it in your queue.  It's a story worth remembering.



The One That Got Away - The Civil Wars: If the motto is true that artists should channel life's drama into their art, then the reported feud between Joy Williams and John Paul White bred some sort of dark beauty.  Still, I wish they'd be able to reconcile AND make good music at the same time.

Paradise Valley - John Mayer: He lost me there for a little while, but since his last album I've been listening to Mayer's music again.  I like the new songs -- it's good music for listening at the office -- but I'm pretty sure Born and Raised will still be my favorite.


Art I'm Loving (Follow me on Pinterest here.)

My friend Andy Palmer made this wardrobe.  His eye for beautiful raw material mixed with his whimsical sense of design makes him one of my favorites. 

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In the kitchen

Just a simple recipe from the menu planning site we use, emeals:

Pan-Seared Tilapia with a mushroom and leek saute
  • Salt and pepper fillets and cook in olive oil for about 8 minutes (turning once)
  • Heat olive oil in a pan, saute leeks for about 8 minutes
  • Add sliced mushrooms and four garlic cloves (minced)
  • Saute until everything is tender
  • Add a handful of fresh basil (about 1/2 cup, cut) to the mushroom and leeks, heat through
This is a paleo dish but we add rice.  Also, the original recipe calls for halibut, but tilapia is easier on our budget. Either way it's delicious and simple.


Random thing making me happy

This piece of coral Brian and I purchased at an estate sale in our neighborhood last weekend.  We went on Saturday morning and everything was already marked at 50% off.  I wrote about my love for thrift shopping here:  Oh, Lord you have searched me and known my love for thrift stores


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So, what about you? What's in your book pile? 

What art, film, song has captured your imagination? 

What are you pinning or cooking or planning? 

Share in the comments, won't you?

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