why 'living palm'?

My title? The name my parents gave me, Tamara, is Hebrew for palm branch. Naming me and reminding me of my name is a gift from my parents that I am especially grateful for. They called me their 'palm branch laid at the feet of Jesus'. I love that picture.

This blog is one place I talk about all the ways my life is transformed when it is laid at the feet of Jesus. He is changing the way I think critically about and engage with culture, art, Church and faith.
He is changing me in the middle of my normal, everyday, ordinary activities of being a wife to Brian, mother of two sons and two daughters, sister, daughter, friend, neighbor, reader, writer, and worshiper.

Most recently, He is getting my attention in big ways while I serve as Worship & Arts director and co-laborer in ministry with a beautiful group of pastors, staff and artists at 
Union Center Christian Church.

I am honored that you'd participate in my journey by visiting me here at this site. It would mean a lot to me if you would consider adding to the conversation by dropping me a comment now and again. Your part in the conversation is one of the big ways Jesus changes me -- and, beside, I tend to get a little stupid when I journey all alone! 
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