Monday, June 12, 2006

a day off..

Fell asleep at approximately 6pm yesterday and got up at approximately 7am today. Talk about a good night's sleep!

I confess that I have been dealing with a good amount of discouragement and disillusionment as of late. God was good to meet with me this morning in the book of Matthew and in prayer and a hearty journal chat. He provided enough peace for me to go back to sleep until 11:15 am!! (all of you moms of toddlers...this can be you someday!)

Brian has Mondays off and it was too chilly for our weekly golf date (he golfs and I read in the cart) We opted for the Regal Cinema, a tub of popcorn and the DaVinci Code to see what all the fuss is about. In a nutshell, I think the church has once again made "much ado about nothing". I realize that i'm able to say this from the comfort of my own simple faith. I am also one who has been blessed by solid feeding on the Word since before I had teeth. Anyway, the movie is convincingly fiction and only slightly compelling.

I agree that someone who is eager to be offended by religion and, thus, offended with God could be confused by the constant throwing-around of dates and religious sects and important religious names, but -- in the end -- it was easy for me to see this as just another attempt to blur truth to be 'whatever you wish to believe". Why is Dan Brown really any different than Disney or WB's Seventh Heaven??

The rest of the day off is spent with a quick chat with my neighbor at the mailbox to make sure we are 'OK' since a recent fight between our children and some leftover Olive Garden, stuffed chicken marsala and a glass of wine. I have "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and the Elizabethtown soundtrack awaiting me for an evening in the family room.

I'm thankful for days off....
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