Wednesday, March 04, 2009

mix tape day

i made you a mix tape of all my favorites this week!

Finding Tamara: I didn't lose a single pound this week, but that's not worrying me because it's really part of the whole plan. A few of you have asked, What is the plan? Well, it's a hybrid plan of menu planning and Curves work out and weight management phases. (Can you tell I'm a white, middle-aged mom? ) I'm alternating my calorie intake in order to keep my metabolism from sitting on its lazy butt. So this was a higher calorie week. It was Fat Tuesday after all!

Mostly I finally pushed through years of anger and shame that was showing up in the way I relate to food and exercise. I wanted to obey God with my eating, but that desire was being short-circuited by layers (and I mean that word quite literally) of shame, guilt and loneliness. Of course, those things didn't just show up in my eating habits.

And, while I'm not very superstitious, I find myself reluctant to talk too much about what's working for me. I've got a long way to go; you might say, a long obedience in the same direction. And like any other obedience I need people to walk with me. I'm so thankful for lots of encouragement from friends, family, my beautiful husband. And Tina. Thank you, Tina!

On Netflix: It seems that lately we've been all misses on our movie queue. Not much to recommend. Brian got me Lars and the Real Girl for Valentine's Day. If you haven't seen it yet, you should give it a try. I wrote about it a while back.

We've also been working our way through the TV series The West Wing. We forgot how much we liked that show. The writing is pretty excellent. The acting is decent and the characters are quirky, intelligent, and inspiring. It's a great release for Brian after a day of working in our little church's equivalent to the West Wing. Brian makes a pretty great Leo McGarry. Only, thank God, not an alcoholic. Or married to his job and divorced from his wife. But other than that...

Reading: The Alleluia! Series of the Institute for Worship Studies by Robert E. Webber
I've been pretty much immersed in this seven-book series. Actually the link I chose covers the entire bibliography for the Institute for Worship Studies (which I, under the influence of adult-onset OCD, would love to purchase and read every title!). I just couldn't quickly find a link for the specific series. And, in light of that impressive bibliography, I'm just reading the Cliff notes.

1. Learning to Worship With All Your Heart: A Study in the Biblical Foundations of Worship

2. Rediscovering the Missing Jewel: A Study of Worship through the Centuries

3. Renew Your Worship! A Study in the Blending of Traditional and Contemporary Worship

4. Enter His Courts with Praise: A Study of the Role of Music and the Arts in Worship

5. Rediscovering the Christian Feasts: A Study in the Services of the Christian Year

6. Encountering the Healing Power of God: A Study in the Sacred Actions of Worship

7. Empowered by the Holy Spirit: A Study in the Ministries of Worship

I am finishing up book 7 this week. I will be back with lots and lots and lots of thoughts. Aren't you excited?!?

Card and flowers from my friend Andrea on the week of my new job at Union Center Christian Church. She didn't even know daffodils are my favorite!

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