Thursday, April 16, 2009

no writing, no reading, but lots and lots and lots of things...

Since March 1, I...
  • began a new job

  • gave a talk, Becoming Secure in the Father's Love, at one of Union Center's small groups

  • guest lectured three times at Davis Colleges' creative arts seminar

  • attended my mother's retirement open house, a friends' birthday party and a spa facial with my 11-year old Natalie

  • planned a mid-Lent prayer service for our Good Friday volunteers and church family

  • learned about the Jewish Passover tradition Searching for Chometz from a messianic rabbi

  • watched my oldest son's enchanting performance of a cowboy in Oklahoma!

  • met the goal I set on January 13 to lose 15 pounds by Easter

  • competed for points per time spent exercising each week with Team Buttzilla!

  • felt very old

  • co-wrote a dramatic sketch for Easter morning with my 17-year-old son

  • turned 38 years old with a beautiful birthday evening with friends

  • got the flu

  • got over the flu

  • celebrated my daughter's entrance to the teen years (Kendra is 13!)

  • watched - with disbelief - the news all day one evil Friday in Binghamton

  • re-planned our Palm Sunday services to become a prayer service for the families of the 14 dead

  • grieved with my city at a community-wide prayer vigil

  • wrote a 37-page presentation on Worship & the Arts at Union Center

  • delivered said presentation like a stammering school girl

  • coordinated Union Center's Good Friday events: Road to the Cross and Tenebrae

  • helped to coordinate Union Center's Easter morning celebrations

  • kept Lent with a Wednesday/Friday meat fast and a 40-day facebook and blog-reading fast

  • celebrated Easter with my family

  • took a nap a day since Sunday
I'm spent.
(but it's all good)
*picture at top: a really cool random art thing done with flourescent post-it notes by a rogue arts group in some unidentified city. for six weeks my life has been ruled by those two tyrannical words...
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