Thursday, February 11, 2010

i wanna get snowed in with you

It sounds a little bit whiney, I'm certain. But winter just isn't winter without one or two good, old-fashioned stop-the-world snow storms. The one that showed up in upstate NY Tuesday night barely squeaked into that category, but we enjoyed it all the same! Here's the highlights:

(first, though, I highly recommend you listen to this song while you are visiting this post)

Brian was hidden away most of the day doing sermon prep, but every once in awhile he'd stop in to play a game or stoke the wood in the fireplace.  He's a good man that way.


Comfort Food
Brian prepared a "traditional" Senegalese meal (thiebou dien?) of meat, vegetables and rice because we don't happen to keep millet in the house.  We did our best to share the tradition with our new friends, but eating out from a common dish, eating with our right hand only and waiting patiently for the "boss of the bowl" (Brian's term!) to flick the bits and pieces of meat to our portion of the platter.  It was delicious (and sure saves on dirty dishes!)

first the ingredients in their beautiful raw form 
(plus, part of my new chandelier!)
making a plan for the best dish

much better

did anyone notice that I used the wrong hand on my very first bite - d'oh!

General Silliness
you're not supposed to be able to see Kendra's hand 
holding up that spoon

and, Snow, of course!
rumor has it that her two big brothers joined in, no photographs could confirm this...
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