Tuesday, November 09, 2010

every common bush afire with God: Joshua 1-24

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p.s., I hope you'll be watching for these lower-case i incarnations of truth in the art you encounter.  Feel free to share them in the comment section!

Union Center Worship, November 7:  The Battle Begins (Joshua)
  • Lead On, O King Eternal (words: Ernest Shurtleff, adpt. Jeff Pardo; music: Jeff Pardo) Another great new arrangement of an old hymn from Indelible GraceDownload chart here 
Welcome and Greeting One Another
  • A Mighty Fortress (Martin Luther; arr. Tommy Walker)
  • Did You Hear the Mountains Tremble? (Martin Smith)
  • Filled With Your Glory (Starfield)
Offering / Poetry Reading:  "Pruning God's People", an excerpt from a poem written by Brett Alan Dewing about the trouble Achan brought to the Israelites and the consequences of his actions
Prayer of Confession:  a time for silent prayer where we listen for God's conviction, ask for His help to hear His voice and for help to obey Him.  
Assurance of Pardon through Christ: we respond with the truth of this old hymn in a beautiful new arrangement from Page CXVI
  • Nothing But the Blood (words: Robert Lowry; music: Page CXVI) Listen here
Prayer of Thanksgiving:  we thank God for making a way for our forgiveness and new life through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ

Message:  Joshua (Joshua 1-24)
Response to the Word:  
  • Today (As For Me and My House) (words and music: Brian Doerksen and Sandra Gage):  "Today I choose to follow You / Today I choose to give my yes to You / Today I choose to hear Your voice and live / Today I choose to follow You."
Offering/Life at the Center:  Outreach opportunities for Christmas (global and local) and recognition of veterans

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Week Seven: Joshua 1- 24

Joshua Holding Moses
Wayne Forte, 2005
Escape From Rahab's House
Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld, 1851-60
World Mission Collection, WELS


The Walls of Jericho Falling Down
Gustave Dore', 1865
Korea Computer Mission
Philip Ratner, 1998
The Safad Bible, Israel Bible Museum


The Writing on the Wall: High Art, Popular Culture and the Bible by Maggie Dawn

The Story

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