Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday is for Nesting: lenten home

a hymn for each day of Holy Week

Our holy week is marked by bursts of busy-ness preparing for church services and son's travel home.  We set apart Good Friday evening to worship together at church.  Silent Saturday morning we sit in individual silence, praying, reading, (I suspect a couple of the people in this house will worship in their sleep).  And, then, because we spend much of Easter Sunday serving God's people in worship, we start our resurrection celebration starting at noon on Saturday.  Some years we shop for new clothes.  Some years we eat a big lent-free feast.  This year maybe we'll color eggs.  Who knows?

In any case, I'm grateful for the Way of Light Wreath sitting quietly on our dining room table all the 40 days of Lent.  I'm grateful to Caleb Voskamp for his craftsmanship.  The wooden figure of Jesus plodding one mark each day, bent under the weight of the cross, focusing each step forward for the joy set before Him.  May I grow up in Him by growing down in His long obedience to the Father.

photo credit: Ann Voskamp
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