Thursday, September 22, 2011

becoming forgiven [imperfect prose]

i've lost count the number i've recited this prayer
somewhere between my catholic friends and the baptists
regarding the others, how many times eyes rolled
at the mention of the title

It should be called the Disciple's Prayer, you know.

i've lost count the number i thought i had no one 
to forgive so i would be forgiven
until the words roll off my tongue
leaving behind the vain repetition of the slightly-miffed 
the increasingly more annoying
intentions were good and didn't mean to hurt
the little slight i barely noticed
and the one who overlooked 

the number of those unaware i hold them accountable
seventy times seven,  
requires rote recitation three times daily, sometimes
four, to account for the repetitious Lord's
praying these now-counted disciples off to graceland
with me, becoming forgiven

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