Monday, September 19, 2011

some blog updates

You may or may not have noticed a few changes here.  

1.  I changed the blog title to "this sacramental life" because I feel like it's more succinct than my previous title and pretty self-explanatory.  I realized this when I was talking to a new friend last week, trying to explain all the titles, subtitles and taglines!  

2.  Because the phrase "livingpalm" is no longer part of the blog title, I removed it from the blog address.  It's now just my name, plain and simple.  :)  ""  Hopefully I'll never outgrow that.  Never mind.  I discovered that changing my url messed up all my links -- not worth it so back to it is!

3.  I updated my header picture just because it was time for an update.  Same with the color scheme on the page.

Please feel free to let me know if any of these changes affect you negatively for any reason.  Well, any reasons but stupid ones.  

I'll be back soon with new posts for this week!
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