Friday, April 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes! birthday demands, Texas wildflowers, Atlas Arrows and more!

Here's a few more things that happened during my Lenten blog fast. (plus, a few things that have happened since.)

--- 1 ---

My daughter and I turned another year older on March 9 & 10.

This is what we looked like together on our birthdays the second year I was blogging (2007).

--- 2 ---

This was Kendra's SIXTEENTH birthday!  We had a pancake party with lots of people cramming together in our kitchen, eating bacon and dripping syrup.  Kendra made a list of birthday demands.  Balloons were at the top of the list.

--- 3 ---
For my birthday, I made no demands and still got the best presents ever!  Also, Andrew made one of the most delicious dinners I've ever tasted.  It looked like this.

Maybe if you leave enough requests in the comments box, he'd even share the recipes this time.

--- 4 ---

On Silent Saturday (aka, Holy Saturday) I went by myself to the Wildflower Center to pray and write letters to people I needed to ask forgiveness.  I wish I had better pictures of the spring colors popping up everywhere there's grass in Austin.  Here's one taken by my friend Mark. (you know, that guy from Raising Jane?)

All through the months of September, October and November we mourned the loss of New York autumns. That was before we knew anything about Texas springs.  God bless Lady Bird Johnson.

--- 5 ---

The day after Easter our friend Tyler came to spend a few days.  He's really my sons' friend, but we all like him a lot and wish we could figure out a way to force invite him to move to Austin.

listening to some of Ty's new recorded tunes

You might remember Tyler from Where's Ulysses.  Now he's playing gigs and recording tunes with Atlas Arrows, a new band (made up of most of the same people, minus my sons).  

                                               --- 6 ---

You can listen to them, too.  Click here!!

                                                                             --- 7 ---

Tomorrow my brother Ryan will marry our beloved Macia.  We are in New York celebrating every single second with our family and friends.  It's a pretty safe bet that next week's 7 Quick Takes will be all wedding, all the time. 

Here's a picture of the bride and groom-to-be.  It's a long story, but you should know that I take full credit for them falling in love.  

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