Saturday, March 02, 2013

7 Quick [melancholy] takes....

--- 1 ---

I've decided February is my favorite month in Austin.  Kind of amazing since the same month has a pretty bad rep in the Northeast and I've spent almost 42 years of my life hating February.  But in Austin, it's almost wintery but with sunshine and most days still reaching mid-60's.  A few cold rainy days here and there to make a fire in the fireplace legit.  Overall, a cozy month in a state where everything's normally too hot for cozy to sound fun.

--- 2 ---

Notice the almost up there before the number 42?  One week until my birthday.  I'm really sad that I've begun dreading my birthdays.  I loved saying I was only 40.  41 felt like I was still hovering "only 40".  With 42 I'll have to be honest with people.  

Also, I've lost all my birthday celebrating mojo since we moved.  Brian and I learned a long time time ago (our first year married actually) that the whole thing just goes better if I tell him what I'd like to do to celebrate and do  most of the planning rather than hope he'll guess on his own.  Normally I love to plan celebrations, but -- like I said -- I think the move just let out all my steam and I get more excited about taking a nap than planning a party.

Which -- in turn-- makes me feel old. Which makes me dread my birthday.  And, we're back at the beginning of the whole sad cycle. 

(For proof of my former life loving to plan celebrations check out birthday #38 and #39.  Epic birthdays.)
--- 3 ---

Alex was home for spring break this past week.  Poor guy having spring break when no one else in the world is doing the same.  It was good to have him in the house again.   Thursday night we discovered that all six of us were free to go to dinner together.  Amazing how happy that makes Brian and me!

--- 4 ---

Because this isn't quite the same thing as being all together in the same room...

          Source: via Anna on Pinterest

--- 5 ---
Sooooo..... Lent.  I fell off the posting wagon (maybe you've noticed).  Lots of things still unsettled in our lives and some weeks it just knocks me flat for a bit.  You could say I'm too occupied lamenting to post about Lament.    I'll try to get back at it this week.  

--- 7 ---

OK, I'm going to try to snap out of my funk this weekend. 

In the meantime....

A beauty and grace-filled weekend for us all, dear ones.

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