Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Buy More Art [this Christmas]: Jason Harrod, Highliner & Christmas Hymns

December is the perfect time to re-introduce the Buy More Art blog series -- each post featuring an artist I know and love creating work worth your time, attention, and dollars.  For today's post, I'm inviting you to listen in on my conversation with Jason Harrod about his third full-length solo album, Highliner


I've learned that Jason is a natural-born storyteller --  no matter the venue.  It was hard to cut out some of the clips so maybe I'll post a 'b roll' some other time.

In the meantime I felt pretty lucky to get a private concert in my living room. Brian and I are working out arrangements to get Jason to Austin for a couple of shows in early 2014.  I'll keep you posted!  

(p.s., don't miss the special bonus links for Jason's Christmas Hymns EP)

 - Click play to hear our conversation -

part 1in which we learn how Max Fleischer inspired Highliner, Jason's first 
band break-up, an excerpt of "Trains", and why Jason quit smoking

part 2in which we hear the themes in the album and an excerpt of "Moon Mission" (my favorite song on the album!) + me saying the word "yep" 32 times.

Buy More Art [for Christmas]
Buy Highliner here at Jason's site, on iTunes, on Amazon
Buy Christmas Hymns EP here at Jason's site, on iTunes, on  Amazon
Jason Harrod on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube

..... Bonus Features .....   

The High Line in NYC
Max Fleischer's Superman, "Billion Dollar Limited" episode.  
Jason Harrod: Singing Between Doubt and Belief for 20 years at  Christianity Today

What art are you buying this Christmas? 

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