Saturday, May 24, 2014

5 favorites: surprise discoveries in 2014 + good words online this week


Paleo diet

Believe it or not, eating from a Paleo menu has been a game-changer for us.  My daughter Kendra led the way and, thanks to the beautiful inspiration from Rachel Brown, we've been discovering a way of eating that fits our need for health and simplicity.

I should add that we are quite gentle with ourselves in this pursuit.  I'm not interested in legalism when it comes to food, and thankfully, none of us have the sort of illness that requires strict food observance.  The truth is, though, that my body feels best when I limit grains, dairy, sugar and processed foods from my daily meals.

Emeals Paleo menu plan

I am not a confident cook.  Not only that, it's not really a priority for me to master cooking, baking or food preparation.  Still, I value healthy food and dinner together.  When we were exploring Paleo, I had one deal-breaker for our family.  I needed it to be OK for us to use emeals to plan our shopping and cooking.  I've loved emeals for a long time -- thanks to my sister, Kaley.  

Emeals benefits anyone who wants an organized, simple, cost-effective tool for planning meals, grocery shopping and cooking.  It's just an added bonus that one of their 14 meal plans is for Paleo families like ours.

Do me a favor?  If you decide to sign up for emeals use my sister's referral link?  It helps me show her how much I love her!

Lucy Wainwright Roche

We saw Lucy Wainwright Roche open for Over the Rhine a few years back in New York and loved her.  Then somehow, just forgot to follow her after that.  A fun surprise then to discover she was opening for Over the Rhine again as they visited Austin a few weeks back. 

Here's the thing:  you listen to her music and enjoy her voice and her sweet, intelligent lyrics a lot.  But if you can ever see her live, it's the way she tells stories and connects with the room that is downright charming.  Or should I say -- down-Wright-- charming.  (Also if the name Wainwright sounds familiar, you'd be correct.  She's related.)

Enjoy this cover of Robyn's hit "Call Your Girlfriend".  See what I mean about Lucy??

Chiropractic Massage

Someday I'm pretty sure I'll look back at this season of me trying to re-find my true physical self and I'll say it wasn't the exercise or the food I ate (or didn't eat) that made the difference.  It was the chiropractor and massage therapist that were the catalyst. 

I'm not intelligent enough -- nor do I have the time to tell you statistics or medical proofs.  I just know it's working for me.  And, if you live in Austin you couldn't find a friendlier place than the hospitality Dr. Michelle and her staff offer at Rosewood Chiropractic and Massage Therapy.  (p.s., if you visit them, tell 'em I sent you!)


Lately I can't get enough of British drama.  Also, this is David Tennant and Olivia Colman.  I watched this mini-series on Amazon Prime, but I'm guessing you can find it other places too, because the show just won a BAFTA.


Other good words online this week

      • An Anglican Pastor's Grief by David Roseberry at  Anglican Pastor: "I need to find a time when I can stop speaking my words and instead, experience and pray at a personal level. I find that I need to wait for God to speak His healing Word to me. Enough of my words, Lord. Speak Your Word to me. Only say Your Word…and it is I who shall be healed…” as the Centurion might have asked."


      A good-find week for us all, dear ones.

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