Saturday, June 14, 2014

5 favorites:stuff to watch this summer that isn't about zombies, C-list celebrities or drunk suburban housewives + other good online

before the favorites list, here's a a favorite image from our week

Friends, aka 3rd Course Theatre, performing a staged reading of Stacey Isom's new play Dough & Cookies in a backyard in our neighborhood. So glad my sister-in-law JoAnn was visiting from NY and could join us for this lovely, magical evening!  (also if you look closely at the actor in the center of this picture you'll recognize him in the film trailer below...)

5 Favorites: stuff to watch this summer that isn't about zombies, C-list celebrities or drunk suburban housewives

-- 1 --


Watch the film here or on Amazon Instant Video here

From the website:  "In the comedic tradition of 'MODERN FAMILY' and 'THE OFFICE', CHALK pulls its viewer into the frenetic and awkwardly painful journey of three novice high school teachers as they navigate one memorable school year. Director Mike Akel provides a rare and realistic teacher’s perspective into the absurd, provocative and occasionally volatile world of public education, where “fifty percent of America’s teachers quit within their first three years.” Ultimately as touching as it is comedic, CHALK offers a hilarious and hopeful look at public education in America."

Also, watch this brief intro: Morgan Spurlock Introduces Chalk

(does it count as a "humble brag" if I say that we go to church with some of the people associated with this film?)

-- 2 --

Mr. Ginger

Also brought to you by New Sky Pictures:  Mr. Ginger, a short form comedy series that follows the daily antics of the lovable yet politically incorrect Life Skills teacher, Mr. Ginger.  We're excited to share our work and through Patreon we invite you to subscribe and enjoy the show!

(Ever hear of Patreon?  I hadn't either.  Maybe reading this will help.)

-- 3 --

 (10 seasons on Amazon Prime!)

(I don't know if this will help my cooking, but it sure is fun to listen to while I work on other things!)

-- 4 --

(5 volumes of "The Best of..." on Amazon Prime)

(I do not want to like Amazon.  But then they go and do something like this.)

-- 5 --

Blank on Blank (with PBS Digital Studios)
Famous People, Lost Interivews

I'm utterly mesmerized with this series of lost interviews with famous people -- most of whom have died.  Blank on Blank combines audio files of interview excerpts with animation to re-frame the thoughts and feelings of actors, comedians, writers, musicians, innovators and cultural icons.  Somehow the whole thing adds up to a sort of profundity that I can't stop watching.  Try for yourself.  (you can subscribe to the YouTube series to be notified every other Tuesday when a new interview is released)

Here's a few of my favorites:


Other good stuff online

      • The reason for the divorce* at  Yarn Harlot:  On the importance of caffeine to the cause of fidelity.  (In spite of the dire title, it's funny -- I promise.)

      • Pop-Rock Worship, in 3 parts at Diary of An Arts Pastor:  David Taylor's presentation to a group of men and women gathered at the kind invitation of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship for a consultation on the function of pop-rock worship in contemporary church life.

      • All (not each) of them were filled at The Christian Century: A beautiful reflection for Pentecost, "Rather than imaging Pentecost as a dove descending like it did on Jesus at his baptism, maybe we should picture flocks of birds, swarming and ready to move, mysteriously drawn by winds and season, to travel to new places. If I were directing the Pentecost movie, I would show the disciples with eyes wide open, focused on the gathering crowds, their energy and their speech drawing them outward into the world. I would try to portray the burning desire deep within them to find the explosive connection between Spirit, culture, language, and community, a movement that gathers until it reaches the ends of the earth."  Also, see my post I do not know the trick to conjure Pentecost flames


      A good word and image weekend for us all, dear ones.

      For more Five Favorites, visit Moxie Wife!

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