Saturday, August 02, 2014

5 Favorites: good news video clips that give me hope in our troubled world

UPDATE:  I'm talking about mustard seeds and dryer sheets at Think Christian today:  The kingdom of God is like a laundromat.  This was such a fun assignment to research!  Listen to the NPR interview here.  Watch some beautiful laundry stories here.


I'm guessing many of you are feeling the tension in prayer about all the atrocity going on in our world right now.  I do not close my eyes and I do not speak in platitudes. I do search for and rehearse hope.  Here's a bit of good news I've been celebrating the last couple of weeks.

5 favorites: good news video clips

-- 1 --

Christ Church on mission with Potter's House in Guatemala


Speaking of Christ Church on mission: Building God's Kingdom by Natalie Murphy & Grace Foulkrod (via Christ Church e-news blog)

-- 2 --

MicroHouse Time Lapse

Exciting to see this work featured here:  10 Cities Worldwide That Are Working To Win Their Wars Against Homelessness (via Huff Post).

I couldn't embed the video so click through to watch a (rare and) beautiful example of true statesmanship.

I cried when I watched this.  Especially since it was my college-aged son -- an age demographic with every right to be cynical -- who first found the link and sent it to me.  So many reasons to take hope from this one speech.

-- 4 --

Meriam Ibrahim is free

On the subject of persecuted Christians, another bit of good news:  Muslims join Christians in declaring 'I am Iraqui, I am Christian' (via Aljazeera)

-- 5 --

Today is my Momma's birthday.  

Among many good things she's taught her 6 children, 6 in-law children and 16 grandchildren, one of the best is to savor our everyday, ordinary favorite things.  I made her this little slideshow to celebrate that lesson.

Happy Birthday, Mom! by Slidely Photo Gallery

The post I wrote for her for Mother's Day a couple years back:  What I Learned From My Mother


A good news-filled weekend for us all, dear ones. 

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