Thursday, August 21, 2014

What I'd Like My Son to Say to Me on His 23rd Birthday

Spring 1992

What I'd Like My Son to Say to Me on His 23rd Birthday

by Andrew Brian Patrick Murphy's lucky mom
My mother is scared of queen bees
She locked us into the bathroom one day. 
She was like, Follow me! Close the door! Quick!

I forgive her.
The time also she hollered obscenities to make a point
but only the four guys on the street corner were listening.

I forgive her.
The bowl-cut when I was seven, I'm still holding
A grudge. But the time she yelled "Shut up!" over
our heads toward the beer-guzzling sonsofbitches --

There’s a mom I'm glad to know. She brought me
Into this world when she was still a child.  
When she was still afraid of the dark and being alone and 

(bees!) unknown frights descending on her children. 
Every parent wants their kids to go further, be braver then them.

I killed a bug for her two nights ago, and for a hushed moment
I was like a child again,

righting wrongs, forgiving the past.

*I wrote this last year for his 22nd, but it's worth saying again.  For a long time.  
I love you, son.

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