Monday, January 05, 2015

leaving Christmas

Oh what fun it's been sharing my Advent and Christmas daybook posts with you all here.  I'd assumed I wouldn't have the time or shouldn't use the time to keep up this tradition -- I think it's my fourth year now? -- until a kind woman left me a note on Facebook saying she was looking forward to the posts again.  I realized what I was really feeling was foolish -- taking up so much cyber space for something I thought might only be meaningful to me.  The quiet ways so many of you thanked me and encouraged me about the Daybook posts were like a sweet gift that I kept opening in the form of notes, emails, quick conversations at church or in the store or somewhere in passing.  

Thank you, friends.

While I deeply enjoy the practice of curating art and daily practices to go with the lectionary it does take a bit of time (which is part of the fun for me!) and so I'm trying to decide what comes next.  I have some really fun ideas for Epiphany and hope to carry them out.  Most likely I'll only be posting each Sunday for the week's lectionary reading and prayer.  But in the days between I'm  hoping to get some help from some of you.  I'll keep you posted!

So this last day of Christmas, may I say thank you to you, dear blogging community.  You mean more to me than you know.

I'll leave you with this somewhat sappy song to let you know how I feel about the end of Christmastide.  (but I'll be back tomorrow to kick off Epiphany!)

You can hear my playlists here:  


Christmas Eve (for my Momma) - the sentimental one my mother and I listen to together across the miles while we're baking and preparing for the Big Day


Epiphany (in progress!)

p.s. Would you like a head start on a very special practice for Epiphany that you can do anytime starting today and into the weeks of Epiphany?  Read here:  A House Blessing For Epiphany

Click here for a pdf version of an Anglican House Blessing

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