Monday, February 19, 2007

winter blues

it's official -- i have SPRING FEVER in a big, big way! i've been kind of moping around the last couple of days and finally figured out why.

i'm done with winter. i mean literally done. i've enjoyed all the benefits of the winter -- the warm fuzzies of the Christmas season, the joy of bundling up next to the fireplace with a good book while the wind howls outside the window, the big snow day with my daughter's famous coffee cake -- and now i'm done. i realized that for about 7 years out of the last 10 i've either had a business trip or incentive trip to some warm, exotic place right about this time of year and that part of my life is over, but someone forgot to tell my body! (of course, following zephaniah317 road trip in the sunny, green West hasn't helped my maladay at all. )

so, i could post about the eventful weekend we had babysitting my 2 and 4 year old niece and nephew, or how hearing the french horn playing the Lord's Prayer on Sunday brought me to tears, or how thankful i am that there are now blue hot tamales (actually they are called ice tamales), or some vague references to major disappointments i am feeling with a former mentor in my life, or how b and i have learned that we can not have service evaluation meetings when we are in bed, or the response i gave to a John and Stasi Eldredge critique i read today or all the ways the sermon series on the kingdom is effecting me (is it effect or affect, i'm never certain!) -- SOOOO, i'll just leave the post saying that i am really, really, really missing warm sunshine right now.

be back again soon (or brb as my kids say) -- with a smile on my face

ps. z, maybe my blog template is a reflection of my current need for sunshine?!? actually i just like how the font colors show up on the black background...the colors are sooooo pretty.
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