Friday, October 19, 2007

bravo, God!

(*pastel by Matt Kellman; Art Show on Main 2007)

It's been two weeks since the event and I'm finally getting back to a sort of 'normalcy'. As a summary, I share my journal entry from the Monday morning, October 8, less than 12 hours after the completion of Art Show on Main 2007.

"Good morning, sweet Abba.
How ironic that my flesh tendency is to rush forward from this weekend into a worry list of "Where do we go from here?" ; "What do I do about [name of guilty party removed!]?"; "How should we evaluate this?", etc., etc., etc.
Please God, (I seem to be in continual need from you!) (is that a good thing as in 'APART FROM ME YOU CAN DO NOTHING') (i like to use parantheses a lot in my journal) now I'm asking for help to be grateful and restful.

Here's a bullet list of fond memories from this full weekend of Binghamton's First Friday, Art Show on Main and CenterStage Christmas auditions: (in no particular order)

  • we're going to have a small orchestra pit band for Christmas!
  • the cameo role of Zechariah for the Christmas play, God With Us
  • Florrie Barnett and Earl Barnett's gallery opening at the Bundy Museum
  • InsideOut's debut during Cubestock 2007 at the Night Eagle they brought the house down!
  • our new friends, the Kinney family, joining us for the two days of the Art Show
  • Craig and Andrea's friends joining us for the Art Show
  • DOT RAMA!!
  • Pastor John's "art & the church" talk on Sunday evening
  • my friend Lisa Hoteling's open house for her dream "Harmony Hills Ranch"
  • lunch on Sunday with my new friend Jean who is just getting to know Christ
  • that we got to show my new favorite short film "Most" during the Art Show
  • the beautiful autumnal decorations and yummy cookies for the art show reception
  • watching the art show guests working together on our's gorgeous!
  • watching Lateefah Covington teach children how to make oragami birds like the ones in her mobile on display
  • reading all the title ideas for Mike Krause's sculpture
  • the story behind the church stained glass pieces from the 1700's that artist Andy Palmer is restoring and had on display
  • the lush, lush vocals and instrumentals of the classical music during the performing arts show
  • watching Pastor John fight back tears during the performing arts show and the closing concert
  • the leadership team: Wendy, Margaret, Nancy, Debbie and all the volunteers who worked so hard on the weekend
  • my friend Lori singing her guts out on "Shine" during the closing concert
  • the guitar trio Sunday night -- I could have listened a lot longer
  • all the original works artists -- visual and performing -- who took the giant risk of sharing their heart and vision with us
  • the variety of visual arts in Main Street (loved that GIRAFFE!)
  • Barb Transue and Richard and Carol Caforio listening to my sons' very, very loud band and later affirming them - talk about a legacy to the next generation!
  • watching my daughters create their own mosaics on Sunday afternoon
and i could go on and on and on and on and on an on....
Can't wait to see where we're headed next.

God, you continue to smile on us. I am amazed and ever grateful.

your daughter, Tamara
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