Friday, August 08, 2008

been a little busy

(our Kinney and Gravelding family BBQ and jam session)

It's been a little bit crazy around the Murphy house. In the span of 7 days my family entertained 42 people, four creepy bats and one minor house fire (a bridal shower party game gone awry!).
I'm pooped.
Although flying indoor bats and tissue paper fires were not planned events, the forty-two houseguests were completely intentional. About a month ago when Brian and I finished up our first major round of setting up house in our new place I was so excited I put a bunch of dates on the calendar. People we've wanted to have over for awhile. A surprise bridal shower for my new boss' fiancee.
I tend toward this kind of bipolar planning frenzies. When I feel good I fill up on life. When I feel down I hide in some cozy corner of the house in a pair of old sweats and a good book.
Guess what I'm doing today?
I guess I kind of blog that way too. When I'm feeling inspired I plot out elaborate plans for a whole series of posts on an arts symposium. When I'm feeling depleted I hide out in a corner of my house with a glass of Bully Hill red and/or a Big Mac and old episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.
Guess what I'm doing today?
Since a part of the joy of blogging is the whole freelance aspect I won't feel guilty for this unplanned, hormonal dip in my literary output. I'll be back -- as soon as my medication kicks in.
In the meantime, here's a whole bunch of pictures from this summer. They make me happy.

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