Sunday, September 19, 2010

post script

1.  In last week's Monday Mixtape, I posted several art forms my kids have introduced and inspired.  Since I was taking the week to brag on the creators and cultivators that live in my house, I didn't tell you about another young craftsman whose work will enrich our family's celebration of the Advent and Lent seasons.

      p.s., homemade wooden wreaths for Advent and Lent at A Holy Experience

2.  Last July I told you about planting my first-ever perennial garden.  

      p.s., I haven't been able to take many photos of the garden's change over the summer months because my camera broke.  But this photo from June shows that the Asiatic lilies grew like crazy. Almost taller than me (which for most things isn't saying much, but for a flower?!?) 

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