Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a simple woman's daybook

Every once in awhile I wonder what might happen if I posted more than once a week.  Would I become more disciplined in other areas of my life or less?  Would I make more online connections that enrich my life or just plain old add to narcissism?  

This may only be a phase, but I'm going to try it out using prompts from daily blog memes.  I'll remain in the sphere of what this blog is supposed to be about:  the discoveries and ponderings  of a woman hoping to be transformed by the everyday disciplines of paying attention to an earth that's crammed with heaven.

Tuesdays prompt comes from The Simple Woman's Daybook:

Outside my window... the sounds of the neighborhood getting to work and to school, the pesky crows cawing at each other

I am thinking... I need to call the doctor as soon as he opens to get medicine for my annual fall flu/sinus infection.

I am thankful for... Mucinex-D

From the kitchen... I've been sick so there's nothing there but dirty dishes and a still-warm teapot.

I am creating... my first manuscript to be sent for publication.

I am going... as few places as possible until I feel better.  I called in sick to work and only have to take Alex to the federal building in Binghamton for his weekly internship at Maurice Hinchey's office.

I am reading...  The Sacraments in Protestant Practice and Faith by James F. White

I am hoping... to feel better quickly, to get the family into some kind of new normal in spite of everyone's crazy coming and going schedules.

I am hearing... Alex singing, playing guitar before he leaves for school (just like he does every morning, it's one of my favorite times of the day)

Around the house... time to put away all the summer garden flower vases and get out the autumn-y stuff

One of my favorite things... Turner Classic Movies on sick days

A few plans for the rest of the week:  get better, get back to work, meet a couple of people for coffee, get my hair cut and colored, make a CD of new hymn arrangements for the Elevate band

Here is a picture ... my writing desk

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