Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday Mix Tape: [after-the-storm edition]

Calm after storm sometimes feels to me more like now what anxiety than sighs of relief.  After a short time, silence begins to feel like absence.  What is supposed to fill this space where weather, conflict, fear, loss, illness wreaked havoc?

In physical, spiritual and emotional ways this is a week following storm.  Liturgically, I'm spending time with stories of a storm-sleeper, storm-calmer, storm-changer.  I invite you to travel the reflections of story and everyday icons found in the moments with family, art, community, and prayers that are making me this week.  Please do join in the conversation whenever you think of what you want to add.  I'll keep the comments and link sharing options open for just that reason.   

In that spirit, I share with you this week's mixtape:

the prelude:  After the Storm (Mumford & Sons)

And after the storm, /I run and run as the rains come 
And I look up, I look up, /on my knees and out of luck, / I look up.

Music for calm after storm (literal or figurative):  what's your favorite?   Feel free to add to my theme or share what's playing in your ears right now...

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