Saturday, February 12, 2011

post script

I laugh in the face of structure.  Last week it seemed good to me to create daily themes -- a sort of blog liturgy, you know.  This week, it wasn't happening.  Let it be known from here forth that in this place you may get Thursday's themes on Saturday and Fridays themes on Tuesday and etcetera.  

In the meantime,  a few p.s. notes on recent topics:

1.  Three Mondays ago, I mixtaped (yes, it's now a verb) in honor of artists who do the work of restoring work of ages past.  I shared the fascinating story of John Maloof and Vivian Maier. 

     p.s., a CBS news clip on the same story

2.  Two Mondays ago, I mixtaped the beauty of the bleak midwinter.  The muse of the snowstorm inspired a lot of writing here.  

     p.s., A new favorite of mine, Catapult magazine,  shared the same snowy muse.

3.  In my first mix tape of the year, I confessed my addiction to Over the Rhine's new release, The Long Surrender.  

     p.s., An equally delightful print interview between the sagacious Linford and Christianity Today.

My sweet Kendra taking in the beauty
of the National Cathedral Sunday afternoon.

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