Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Mix Tape: Come Love, See My Hands

I'll be enjoying my Pentecost mixtape for a few weeks.  (read here to know why I chose the songs I chose)  In the meantime, here's a bonus live track.

Come Love, See My Hands by Brooke Waggoner

I don't know why I plant these
And fashion them from slices of earth
I guess I'm slave to the spirit
Of needing to create and give birth

I hadn't really heard Brooke's music until I heard her play during our Saturday night session at the Ministers to Artists retreat at Laity Lodge a few weeks ago.  Equal parts exquisite and playful, sweet and exuberant, breathtaking and restful, I enjoyed every moment of her performance.   Later I told her that I had been conflicted whether to sit on the left side of the room where I could see her hands on the keys are on the right side of the room where I could watch the expressions on her face.  I think I chose the exact right spot.

My vantage point looked kind of like this...

On the patio, later I discovered another side: smart, business-savvy, optimistic.  This seems to be a remarkable attribute of the generation artists I've been observing.  A kind of joyful confidence that shows up not only in their performances but, perhaps most importantly, in their songs.  

Hope you enjoy getting to know her too!  

photo credit:  David Taylor
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