Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday is for Words (& sometimes pictures)

*I've been enjoying these prayers for children from Everyday Liturgy.*


God, as my children wander in the dangerous and stormy valley of the world, may they only receive joy and consolation in you. Travel with them and teach them the path for the journey, so that they may cry out: Praise be to God!

Just as I desire to be your child, I place my children into your hands with humility and pray:
Raise my children to be watchful and alert that they may not be tempted.
Raise my children to be merciful so that their Father in heaven is also merciful to them.
Raise my children to be pure, for the kingdom of God belongs to those with a child like faith.
Raise my children to be the least of these, so that they may in turn be great.
Raise my children to fulfill the Word of God and enjoy the blessings you have set aside for them.
Raise my children to place their home in your kingdom.
Raise my children Andrew, Alexander, Kendra & Natalie, to be made worthy of the Kingdom and heirs of your coming kingdom.

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