Friday, February 22, 2013

On having four kids in six years and THEN forming a theology for procreation....

This was the way my friend Micha Boyett (aka, Mama:Monk) promoted my guest post to her facebook friends.  I loved it.  
"My parents’ parents didn’t talk about sex. My parents began the conversation, but either they weren’t speaking above a whisper or I wasn’t listening. I managed to have my first son three days shy of nine months from the first time I ever had sex. When he was born I still wasn’t sure I’d ever had it. I didn’t care. I flew the kite of that beautiful baby boy for all the world to see." (read the rest)
I'm grateful for Micha's invitation to share my story as part of her weekly series: One Good Phrase.  She has a gift not only in sharing her own words, but in welcoming words from others.  I want to be like her  and have begun dreaming up my own ideas for welcoming your words here.

One Good Phrase: Tamara Hill Murphy (You trust God to keep you safe at night, but you still lock the doors.)

While you're visiting her don't miss the previous entries in the series:

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One Good Phrase: No Matter What (Joy Bennett)This post had special meaning for me as our kids enter adulthood and I get to practice some of the "no matter what" scenarios on a daily basis.

One Good Phrase: Peace of Christ be with you always (Seth Haines) 

Two little "appendices" to the story:

1.  I mentioned that honeymoon babies were "pretty much legendary" in my family. 

Here's the lineup of three generations:

  • My father was born 10 months and 10 days after his parents were married 
  • I was born 9 months and 4 days after my parents were married
  • Our son was born 3 days short of 9 months after we were married (to be fair he was four days early)

2.  I leave with you this 23-year-old treasure -- proving that during our engagement Brian and I probably spent more time thinking about our pictures for the newspaper than family planning . (and I certainly spent more time on my hair!)

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