Friday, October 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes: grandparent outtakes, Kendra's Cabaret surprise, delicious apples and more!

Kendra performed in McCallum Highschool's cabaret.  Both of her brothers and their girlfriends showed up to surprise her during dinner.  We just happened to get the perfect shots!

All of us together after the great show
This is what you do when you're the lame parent who misses the
announcement to get nice words about your kid printed in the program.
It was a good Team Kendra effort, don't you think?

Blessed, blessed rain.  Wednesday was 57 degrees!  I wore a sweatshirt.  The girls got to wear their boots.  One day I even wore jeans AND a sweater.  With socks and shoes, even!  I know my joy is the stress of people who live in flash flood areas.  I'm sad about that; I really am. (also about the people who had tickets for ACL's last day of shows.)

But I can't stop saying it anyway:  Blessed, blessed rain!!

--- 3 ---
This week I wrote words online:

The Roads That Break Us at Catapult* MagazineA report from the convoluted infrastructure of Austin, Texas for the Wheels issue.

When did you first notice the one you love?:  I promise you'll love watching my octogenarian grandparents give me marriage advice on the day of their 67th wedding anniversary. 

Tiny stories bonus features:

Bonus Feature #2: Douglas and Joyce Hill (aka, Gr & Gr)
October 16, 1946

Bonus feature #2: A Google Hangout outtake.

Bonus Feature #3: My brother Ryan caught this angle.  
Please notice my dad's reflection in the mirror.

Bonus feature #4:
I did, in fact, google top movies in the 1940's because my grandfather couldn't remember which movies they saw:  Most Popular Feature Films Released 1940-1949
--- 5 ---
This week other people wrote good words online:

Corinna Nicolaou of "One None Gets Some" on episode 1 of the Two Cities podcast:  Nicolaou talks graciously and energetically about her ambitious project, a blog designed to be a platform to share the results of a project she started two years ago: an exploration of religion from the perspective of someone who grew up without any (statisticians call this segment of the population “Nones”). She decided to start with Christianity and see where it took her.

Banksy on the streets of New York at The Guardian: "The internet lacerated itself for not buying Banskys at a 10,000% discount. But would you recognize art if it wasn't marked as such?Banksy, who can't write the word "elephant" on a water tanker without having it crated off and auctioned, made something that was fake – until the magic moment it turned out to be real."

Banksy and the Economy of Grace at Think Christian: I enjoyed this follow up to the Banksy pop up sale.  Yes, the kingdom of heaven is definitely like this.

--- 6 ---

This week's surprise gift came in the form of apples and cider donuts hand delivered from Georgia.  I couldn't help it; I had to make applesauce.

I've got apples and cider on my mind...


A beauty and grace-filled weekend for us all, dear ones.

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