Wednesday, October 16, 2013

when did you first notice the one you love? [tiny stories #5]

Today is my grandparents' 67th wedding anniversary.  They married two weeks after Grandpa came home from the Army, the last two years in Japan (He landed just after the bomb in Hiroshima).  I wanted to ask them some questions about being married for a long time to the same person.  I also couldn't remember the story about when they first met.

“It does not matter that we cannot fathom this mystery. The only real problem comes when we think that we have.” ― Madeleine L'EngleTwo-Part Invention: The Story of a Marriage

I changed the story prompt for this week when I was talking with my grandparents on their 67th anniversary.  I promise you'll love to hear their thoughts about marriage.

Two observations:

1.  I thought my face would be in this video.
2. When I'm talking to my family, my harsh nasal NY accent is 'uge!


Do you remember the first time you noticed the person you love?
 Where were you? What was it like?
Tell us a tiny story.

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