Monday, October 14, 2013

7 quick takes: scooter surprise, my take on a priest's authority, blog bonus features, and more!

God's been surprising us right and left with generous gifts and provision.  This past week the surprise came in the form of a candy apple-red scooter. I don't know anything about scooters to commend this one to any aficionados out there. All I know is this one is sure pretty.  And dear, generous, thoughtful friends offered it to us at an almost criminally-low price.  

Also, that it's super fun to ride under the Texas moon with my guy.  

Last week I wrote an essay for catapult* magazine's Authority issue:  Have Mercy.

Since our friend Peter was ordained into the Anglican communion in February I've been trying to find words to articulate the impact of the liturgy had on me -- a preacher's-kid.  This was my first attempt.   I wanted to be able to share the memory with Peter and Shannon's sweet children because they're too little (one still in his momma's bulging belly during the ceremony) to remember.  But when the days get tough as they grow older -- when they might feel some resentment for having to share their Daddy with people they barely know -- I was hoping my words about their daddy flattened to the ground in submission to God's call on his life would help them feel like a participant in the call rather than a victim of it.  

I'll keep trying to get the words right, Lucy and Emmett. And when Brian's turn comes, I'm hoping the profound healing God's given me the past ten years will make a way for me to fully participate in Brian's own call. 

May it be so, dear Jesus.

Unfortunately, I don't have a photo from Peter's ordination so this will have to do.
 Two priests and and an aspiring priest walk into a photo booth.

Did you happen to see the short video I posted from a chat my sisters and I had this past week.  The one where we shared tiny stories about the meaning of our names?  

Well, we think it's pretty cute so check it out if you haven't yet.  And here's a couple bonus features from the conversation:

Bonus feature #1:  The woman on the far left is our Aunt Helen Grace Hendricks.
Alicia's middle name, Grace, is after her.  She was an amazing woman.

Bonus feature #2:  My niece Elise Hope -- who turned 5 months last week --
makes a cameo appearance on the video.  This is the photo I ask Alicia about
during our conversation.  Does she not look ecstatic to be 5 MONTHS OLD?!?

Bonus feature #3: Bambi's girlfriend's name is F_ _ _ _ _ _?
Find out her name and why we talked about it this week by watching the conversation here.

I'm pretty serious about these Tiny Stories posts.  I'm kind of hoping they'll catch on.  In case you're interested, here's this week's question:

Tell a story about one of your most memorable teachers (good or bad).

(You never know when I might ask YOU to join me on a Google Hangout to tell your story.)

This past week I spoke to another gathering of moms with young children.  Every time I do this I fight the urge equally to laugh and cry.  Laugh at the hilarious season of life this hive of energy (babies and preschoolers) is and cry at my memory of sheer exhaustion.  Press on, good moms.  Grace, grace, grace over your heads.

I hope I was able to give some encouragement.  For me, the gorgeous trip into the Texas Hill Country on a (relatively) crisp fall day made me glad. 

And the church building!

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Wimberley, TX

Links to good stuff I read online this past week:

  • New FREE shopping list app, Favado at Cha-Ching on a Shoestring: Money-saving bloggers -- including my own sister -- helped develop and run this free grocery shopping list app that allows you to compare prices at stores in your area at a glance, search for deals on what you need, and create a shopping list with available coupons.

  • A Quick Discussion with Ryan Dening at design studio blog Daring Boy: Our friend Ryan gives a practical and encouraging interview about his life as an artist, including wise words like this..."Being a concept artist is similar to any design related endeavour that you do for hire. The most demanding and difficult thing can be that you have to come up with something every day regardless of whether or not you feel creative, whether or not you are interested in the job content, or if the feedback a client or boss is giving you is completely the opposite direction you want to go."

  • Touching Death: Mourning Physically Through Burial by John Cuddeback at The Front Porch Republic: "Everyone seemed to understand and be drawn in. The atmosphere was a unique blend of sorrow, communion, and hope. One young mother, nursling in arm, didn’t wait for a shovel, and grabbing a handful of earth tossed in her contribution. Children were as engaged in the filling as they had been in marveling at the hole. One young man shared with me as he shoveled that he remembered working for my father clearing ground many years ago. He said it was good to move earth with him one more time." 

  • Wendell Berry: Poet and Prophet at Bill  A wonderful recorded-live interview between Bill Moyers and the mad farmer. (Thanks to my sister, Alicia, for the link!)

--- 7 ---

Brian and I are participating in Free Austin 2013!  You can visit for information on The Summit and other campaign events that focus on finding solutions to human trafficking.


A beauty and grace-filled weekend for us all, dear ones.

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