Monday, October 06, 2014

5 favorite August reads and good stuff I read online this week

before the book list, here's a a favorite image from our week

That's our Natalie on the right,
ready for Homecoming 2014!

5 favorite reads in August

-- 1 --

31 Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton (316 pages)

This important novel of South Africa's history has been on my reading list for years.  When our church book club chose it for August's selection I read along even though I couldn't join them for their discussion night.  The story is exquisite, rich, sad and joyous and Zulu priest Stephen Kumalo has become one of my all-time favorite novel characters. This is a book I will re-read often.

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-- 2 --

32  Reaching Out: The Three Movements of the Spiritual Life by Henri Nouwen: (165 pages) 

I have never read a book by this man that did not touch me deeply at the spiritual, emotional and intellectual level.  Reaching Out is no exception.  So much so that we're using the book at a ministry retreat this fall.  Also, Nouwen -- whom I'm pretty sure never had children of his own -- gave me the wisest words I've ever needed for parenting.  You can read about that here:  My top 4 parenting epiphanies, or My Child Is Not My Property But My  Guest

-- 3 --

33  Rick Steves' Ireland 2014 by Rick Steves: (584 pages) 

How many ways can I say that I love this guy and his travel guides?  Let me add one more with this current guide for traveling to Ireland.  Brian and I are dreaming about travel -- maybe even for our 25th wedding anniversary next year.  Both of us are Irish pretty recently in our family lines and we've heard a rumour that we could get a pretty decent fare.  We're not serious enough to buy the book yet, but I took lots of notes from this library copy!

-- 4 --

34  The Story of the World, Early Modern Times (audio) by Susan Bauer

OK, I admit it.  This
 volume covering the major historical events from the years 1600 to 1850 -- from Elizabeth I to the gold rush in California -- is supposedly for children, but I totally enjoyed it.  We took it with us on vacation from this summer and it made for great listening during traffic jams.  I'd like to listen to the whole set even though I sort of started in the middle because that's what I found on the library shelves.  

-- 5 --

35  Quack This Way: David Foster Wallace & Bryan A. Garner Talk Language and Writing  (123 pages) 

Accidental friends, writer David Foster Wallace and lexicographer Bryan Garner record an interview about the use and misuse of language and the importance of good writing skills across all vocations.  It's informal, easy to read and insightful.  


Other good words online this week

Liturgical Worship - Part 1 (Gather), 2 (Word), 3 (Thanksgiving), 4 (Send) from Christ Church Anglican, Overland Park, KS: Four brief, clear primers to the four main movements in an Anglican worship service.  Highly recommend!
It's Like They Know Us on Tumblr:  Have you seen this?  Totally snarky and totally hilarious. For example: "Our favorite fall tradition is dressing immaculately and taking photos with goats."  You know it.
Rich Mullins Tribute Special at 20: the Countdown Magazine:   September 19th was the seventeenth anniversary of Rich Mullins' death.  This audio tribute is long, but a wonderful remembrance of songs and interview clips with a man who understood grace in a beautiful way.  One disclaimer:  occasionally the announcer gets a bit campy and slightly  morose, but I think he really loved Rich and, well, he's a radio announcer after all. 

Hoping for a good week for us all, friends.

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