Monday, September 21, 2015

Welcome, Autumn Daybook [look. listen. make. do.]

Welcome, Autumn!  Let's celebrate with a few ordinary acts of paying attention to the ways earth's crammed with heaven in this season.  Here's some suggestions to get you started this week.  



The Heat of Autumn

The heat of autumn
is different from the heat of summer.   
One ripens apples, the other turns them to cider.   
One is a dock you walk out on,   
the other the spine of a thin swimming horse
and the river each day a full measure colder.   
A man with cancer leaves his wife for his lover.
Before he goes she straightens his belts in the closet,   
rearranges the socks and sweaters inside the dresser
by color. That’s autumn heat:
her hand placing silver buckles with silver,   
gold buckles with gold, setting each   
on the hook it belongs on in a closet soon to be empty,   
and calling it pleasure.



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It is the summer's great last heat, 
It is the fall's first chill: They meet. 
–Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt
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