Saturday, October 24, 2009

Exhibit Opening: a photo diary [the coffeehouse]

Art Show on Main Opening
part 3: the coffeehouse

description: an event to open the art exhibit of our featured visual artists, to hear original music, author readings, and spoken word performances from featured and aspiring artists all in the ambiance of sweet, sugary desserts and savory caffeine-laden concoctions

the featured visual artists:


the program: set one

Kelley White & Jeremy Kinney - 

Nancy Rounds & Andrea Shields - 
The Church in Chains is Free

Chuck Wasielewski - 

the program: set two

Dan Keohane - 
Solomon's Grave

Julia Dean's art talk

Erin McMahon's art talk 

(more) Brian Moss & Jason Harrod

the program: set three

Laura Howell & Lori Haun - 
You Are There, Walking By Faith

Coach's Midnight Diner

Tamara changing the schedule

Wayne Truesdale - 

Theresa Krause - 
Not Our Town

Lou Schlagter - 
It's the Only Way

(still more) Jason Harrod & Brian Moss

After this event, I tried to explain it to a friend who was unable to attend.  It was hard to explain, each year I find myself only being able to say that God smiles on us.  Yes, we make silly mistakes, and, yes, we have a lot to learn.  Yes, we work hard and take scary risks. No, we are not ending poverty and, no, we are not making a profit or even much that could be measured in hard data.  We're just spending time together cultivating beauty and community. But each year, there seems to be an added dynamic that clearly does not come from us - it is an energy and a restfulness and a beauty that I believe is from the Holy Spirit of the one true God who loves us deeply and graces us with His kindness.  We are grateful.

*Thank you to Hope Spicer and Andy Shipman for the beautiful photos!

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