Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exhibit Opening: a photo diary [the workshops]

Art Show on Main Opening
part 1:  the workshops

Visual Art Critique Sessions

the description: Jury panel of featured artists meet with the juried show entrants to look at their submissions, give feedback and encouragement on the work

the jury: Andy Palmer, Erin L. McMahon, Julia Dean

2009 stats: 25 entrants, 60 submissions (textile, sculpture, photography, painting, charcoal), 40 selected pieces

excerpts that inform Art Show on Main

“The first step in our creative journey is to discover not whether we are creative, but how we are creative…What is our personal brand of originality – as individuals and as a community.”  -- Alice Bass, The Creative Life

“Since much of the Christian community has ignored the arts in our recent history, the Christian who wishes to learn about art must, by necessity, learn in the larger world, outside of the Christian ghetto – a ghetto that some Christians have created in a misbegotten attempt to find a sort of heaven on earth.” – Schaeffer, Sham Pearls

"Nothing begets nothing; something begets something." -- David Taylor, Union Center Artist Retreat, May 2009

Did you participate in the visual art critique session?  Post your thoughts and experience in the comment section.

*Thanks to Hope Spicer for all of her hard work archiving the event through photographs and for so graciously sharing them with us!*
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