Thursday, October 01, 2009

art-making for the children's sake

So last night I had a dream that I was walking around naked.  This is what happens to me shortly before any event that may prove me to be a complete failure.  My conscious knows that is not going to happen this weekend, but my subconcious is apparently concerned.

Oddly enough, in the dream my thought was not, "Oh, no!  Where are my clothes?  Someone get me some clothes!"  Rather, "All you people walking around wearing clothes don't know what you're missing."  Hmmmm....analyze that.

Today I wanted to share a note I wrote to a young artist a couple of weeks ago.  Her mom is a beautiful example of a disciplined disciple artist.  Juliana had spent that particular morning in her kitchen painting new pictures and asked, through her mom, why people her age couldn't enter artwork into the show this weekend.

This was my reply:

Dear Juliana,
Your mother told me that you are busy doing the work of creating paintings. I want you to know that I think that you are so wise to spend time creating. I think it makes Jesus happy when we use our imagination and skill that He has given us. Keep up the good work!
It makes me sad that so many grown ups have forgotten how to do what you are doing right now – making a new painting in your kitchen on a sunny fall day. One of the reasons we have an art show at Union Center Christian Church is to help all the grown up people remember how to use their imagination and skill. That’s why the art show is for people who are in ninth grade and older. Your mom is a good example of a grown up who is working hard to make art and I’m excited to see what she has been painting lately.
Maybe sometime we’ll be able to have a place for people younger than ninth grade to show their artwork. For right now, I hope you know how happy I feel that you are painting lots and lots of pictures. : )

Mrs. Murphy
A couple of days ago I was emailing with a mentor who's primary calling in life is to pastor artists.  He was encouraging me to not give up.  To press on.  I wrote him back about the four children who live in my house and spend pretty much every day of their lives as creators, thinkers and culture-makers. 

This is what I said:

See? I can’t give up. God has filled my home with artists and thinkers and culture-makers. I give up at their expense. I’m in this for the long obedience.

Children's special during a Sunday this September.

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