Friday, January 08, 2010

And the winner is.....

I know I promised this by 9am this morning, but I feel compelled to tell you that I had to spend some time quashing rumors that started with my eighteen-year-old son's anguished facebook status.  You see, he was only using the word "robbed" in the sense that the roads are covered with snow, he's got a nasty case of senioritis and, well, there he was on facebook at 8:00 this morning, still having to go out the door for school; he just couldn't help himself.  I assure all our caring friends and family that all the crap stuff that was in our house when we went to bed last night is still here this morning.

Also, I know that I could have used to do the drawing like all those fancy blogs, but it was way too much fun writing all of your names on little slips of torn-up paper and having Brian draw one out of a mug, because he's working from home this morning and I wanted an excuse to interrupt him.  Come to think of it, we should have done a drum roll for you.

Plus, I know I could have posted a cute picture of us huddled around the coffee mug of paper slips, breathless with anticipation to discover the lucky, lucky winner.  Have I mentioned I'm still in my pajamas?  Enough said.

Also, you should know that our little dog Duchess observed to make sure there was no funny business with the drawing of the name.  Everything's above board here.

So, join me, won't you, with a drum roll (go ahead, your co-workers need a laugh, I'm sure, and your kids will think it's the best!)  The winner of our first-ever book for the first-ever month of the first-ever Readers Guild IS...........................[this is where you do the drum roll].............................................................

[insert loud applause here]

I bet you'd like to see a picture of Nancy?

Here she is gracing us during this year's Coffeehouse on Main with her song The Church in Chains Is Free.  Which is quite fitting, actually, that she win this particular book in which we will read about persecuted Christians in 17th century Japan.

Congratulations, Nancy!   And, now that the excitement's over, everyone needs to crack open those books (available at and....

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